Digital Marketing: Economics and the future

For digital marketers worldwide, 2014 could be a busy year since surveys show that an increasing number of companies have allotted a big portion of their marketing budgets to digital marketing. In short, many companies are confident that digital marketers can deliver the services they need. According to the article, “The Economics (and Psychology) of […]

Advantages of the new Facebook feature to digital marketers

The news that Facebook shows user ads “based in part on the information they got from the website and apps that users use” ( is welcome news for social media and digital marketers. Added to this, Facebook is also providing users more control over the type of ads they will see on their accounts, giving […]

ECONOMICS 101 – Ray Dalio

I enjoyed this video overall. I just wonder how much of it was intentionally created to keep people calm. America, Keep Calm Carry On Spending, and leave your blinders on. How can the largest economy in the world so easily de-leverage (and in the process threaten its status as the reserve currency) without the markets […]

Japanese Military Atrocities

There is nothing more horrible than war. Growing up in the West I naturally detested the Nazi’s for what they did to millions of Jews, political prisoners, retarded individuals and countless others that got in the way of their war machine bent on making the Aryans control Europe. When I went to the East I learned the Japanese were just as mad (if not worse) as the Nazi’s were. It seems that most of the German’s have faced the horrible truth that their fellow countrymen killed many innocent people but in Japan the majority still deny. This is a topic that needs further investigation but I wanted to strike a match in the mind of you readers.

MARCH 2013

MARCH 2013 Market is tough to call when the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK controls it. American’s talk proudly that they have a free and unregulated market while other countries markets’ are overly controlled by their upper classes and the government. What hypocrisy. USA Gov’t is manipulating the press and the markets and even the minds of […]

Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)

Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V) Interesting topic to review. This link (below) defines the situation but does not give a “what if” scenario. If it is taking more money to produce a positive GDP that does not bode well when QE stops printing and it has to stop eventually.


Swiss banks were really hurt by the American Government. Some of these banks were dead wrong in their practices but were they all deserving of American punishment?