Subic Bay, Philippines – USA Missile Silos


I have heard a great deal of rumors that the USA left behind many missile silos in Subic Bay.  There have been stories of workers going down elevators blindfolded to fix plumbing.  This is certainly possible since the American servicemen did move a whole mountain in Subic and performed many other amazing feats – some good and some bad.   This all deserves closer attention and I will report back at a later time.    This could be a secret weapon that the Chinese are not aware of and can help the current embattled situation with the Atolls and oil wells



Coney Island – Parachute Ride


Growing up on the East coast of the USA I often heard how absolutely marvelous this destination was to visit.  Unfortunately, when I grew up in the 70′s/80′s most of its 50′s luster was lost and people did not frequent it as much.  I was able to find an old 1950′s photo that I wanted to share.  It is still an active theme park today but the content is different.

Remembering on Father’s Day


Dear Dad,

You were a person I really wanted to know more about but you were not accustomed to sharing.  Now that you have been dead for over 1 year I think about the time we could have shared together.    Some people build bridges and others build walls.  If only, you could have communicated more to the people who loved you life would have been much happier.  However, you did not try enough, not because you couldn’t but you did not care.

Dear Grandpa,

If only you lived longer.  The few times we shared I still remember until this day and only wish I had more fine thoughts.  You willingly offered wisdom and experiences and I cherish the memories we shared.  Thank you for being you.




Life in the Faster Lane


Steven Boccone New York

In the year 1991, I was pleased to be able to surf the web and even open an online account with PCFN, a stock investing and trading securities brokerage.  The internet back then was not even 1/10th of what it is today.  One thing that does disturb me until today……the time to complete any given task has become much less and as a result the speed at which we complete our work has become faster.  However, let us not be fooled, if you can do something faster and better then you get more of it.  So, essentially we are working harder and longer since the internet came to our fingers.  So from an invention that was supposed to make us work less has actually done the opposite, but the result is still good because we can accomplish 10 times the amount of tasks we did prior to the internet.   Greed is (still) good, according to Mr. Gecko, and in this case the greed is the “accomplishment” of many tasks in a much shorter time.



Cemetery of Negativism


Steven Boccone New York

I stumbled upon this place in Camp John Hay in Baguio, Philippines.  It seems these tombstones were created by some American servicemen in the Philippines during WW II.  It was designed by Major General John Hightower.





Mom’s Day Off


Here is a picture of an old pastime for Mom’s.  The imagery of the 50′s mom all dolled up and acting as the perfect wife was great from a man’s perspective.  It was not reality and many women lived hallow lives in that generation although it was picture perfect.


World Trade Center Disaster and United Airlines Flight 93



These issues are quite dear to me.    For many reasons it will forever haunt me.  Being a New Yorker, the destruction of the World Trade Center was like losing a beloved friend.   Often I repeat a thought in my mind when I think about….I wonder what where  the last words, the last memories and the overall sadness these poor victims endured in the last seconds of their life?  It is one thing to die when you are in a war but to be ruthlessly attacked without any chance for self defense is the highest indignity in life.   The Jewish Holocaust survivors are quite wise to remind the world about the slaughter of millions of Jews.   Although, 9/11 was a shorter time period and less people died, should it be any less significant in the media?   I hope more movies are made on these subjects and mankind should be reminded.  There is a quote I once read….”Remember this moment forever for it is the doom of men that they forget’,  Movie…Excalibur


Lunch in Makati – Thai Food



Thai Restaurant in Fort Bonifacio called Silk.   Vibrant colors, tasteful presentation and worth repeating.  I have found a lack of Thai restaurants in the Philippines so I was pleased to stumble upon this one.

When Should Freedom of Speech be Curtailed


This is a topic that I want to bring up for general discussion.

Yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre has been a valid reason to limit the protection granted under Freedom of Speech but what about newspapers, press syndicates, bloggers or news agents?    These mediums can cause great havoc but do they have any due diligence standards?  Should the burden of proof be on the disseminator of the news or on the so called “victim”?    In order to determine this we need to look at one case in particular…..,134604


To be continued……


Improved Advertising Rules for Hedge Funds – JOBS ACT


This will bode well in the short run but what happens when you pull in the general population to support an ailing investment industry and faltering economy?  What are the rules in determining if these masses are accredited?   Just like the NINJA mortgage loans we may soon have unaccredited investors being passed on as accredited just to keep this industry chugging along.




More than half of the TARP money was used to pay back the TARP loans and still it is difficult to get a loan.  Wait a minute….when a government increases liquidity the banks are supposed to loan money (Finance 101) but that does not seem to be happening here.  There is a monumental divergence going on and we cannot ignore the fact that this depression we have been in since 2000 is NOT going away soon.  Consumers are changing and the businesses need to change their models significantly.

So TARP was yet another band aid solution to placate the rich and manage the stock market at the expense of the middle class.  The TARP funds were used to provide banks with a better balance sheet and not used for the general population (as its intention) to help them in their financial turmoil.  So the government and the banks failed to execute and the RICH (bank shareholders) who received TARP made the decision where the money should go…into their pocket, secure their companies and to fix their mistakes.  It is good to be in the top 3% and be “too big to fail” since you always have the little people to bail you out.

A tidbit I learned on the IRS.GOV site…… 70% of tax filers have income below 57k.

Related Quote:

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. Thomas Paine

When the Money Supply grows faster than GDP does it equal INFLATION?


Over a 10 year period (2002 vs 2012) USA quarterly GDP rose from 10.5 trillion to 15.5 trillion (seasonally adjusted figures) or appx 47%.  During that same period the money supply MZM grew appx. 89%.

When money supply grows faster than GDP inflation is usually a certainity.  There are a few caveats to this theory but this should be the next shoe to drop.






Surpression of your Amygdala


Emotional suppression is needed at certain times in our lives and the ability to skillfully manage it should be taught by schools and our parents.   In controlling this mental function will we be de-humanizing ourselves or actually saving ourselves from disaster and irrational thought?  But how can we de-sensitize ourselves from images or events that pang our conscience and our heart.  Would we become soulless if we removed this somewhat involuntary trait?    These are poignant questions but should I allow my amygdala to help answer them or use my rational thought process?

The undisturbed focused mind is a vehicle of triumph and training ourselves to achieve that state of being takes practice.  The best soldiers and sport stars are able to do this and many successful business men and women.  So why not yourself?

Find that moment of perfection in your life and repeat it over and over again.  Memorize it and you can control your destiny.

ECONOMICS 101 – Ray Dalio

I enjoyed this video overall. I just wonder how much of it was intentionally created to keep people calm. America, Keep Calm Carry On Spending, and leave your blinders on.
How can the largest economy in the world so easily de-leverage (and in the process threaten its status as the reserve currency) without the markets reacting violently. The video is a noble effort.

Japanese Military Atrocities

There is nothing more horrible than war. Growing up in the West I naturally detested the Nazi’s for what they did to millions of Jews, political prisoners, retarded individuals and countless others that got in the way of their war machine bent on making the Aryans control Europe. When I went to the East I learned the Japanese were just as mad (if not worse) as the Nazi’s were. It seems that most of the German’s have faced the horrible truth that their fellow countrymen killed many innocent people but in Japan the majority still deny. This is a topic that needs further investigation but I wanted to strike a match in the mind of you readers.

Watch the movie: NANKING

MARCH 2013

MARCH 2013

Market is tough to call when the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK controls it. American’s talk proudly that they have a free and unregulated market while other countries markets’ are overly controlled by their upper classes and the government. What hypocrisy. USA Gov’t is manipulating the press and the markets and even the minds of its people. However, the people have their eye on the American dream (the unreachable dream) and blinders keep them from seeing what is going on under their nose.

-Rising taxes to pay for the debt that grows because the rich offshore their money through international companies.
-Decreasing benefits because the USA is running out of money.
-Home ownership that has fallen to 1997 lows.

Sure there are spins the doctors can make to my story and guide the sick middle class patient back from near death to help them continue playing their game but I do not think it will work this time, something has to give and when it does I will be short.
I have been short this market but it does not want to give in and it is held together with solid cunning falsehoods.

Play both sides of this market but do not only be long or you will be long dead.

Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)

Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)

Interesting topic to review. This link (below) defines the situation but does not give a “what if” scenario. If it is taking more money to produce a positive GDP that does not bode well when QE stops printing and it has to stop eventually.


Swiss banks were really hurt by the American Government. Some of these banks were dead wrong in their practices but were they all deserving of American punishment?


Google just made me sick and I threw up… read below…

Google was the destroyer of boundaries and a leveler of the business playing field. Did not take them too long to listen to big business and learn their game. Middle class there are no winners here for you as Google is just in disguise as a protector of the average person but rather is the evil adversary. Put on your boots it is going to get thick and the garbarge that Google shovels is covered with lies.

I will come back to this at another time.