Advantages of the new Facebook feature to digital marketers

The news that Facebook shows user ads “based in part on the information they got from the website and apps that users use” ( is welcome news for social media and digital marketers. Added to this, Facebook is also providing users more control over the type of ads they will see on their accounts, giving them the preference to add or remove interest areas.

Behavioral advertising is common on the internet and the ads that most users see displayed on their accounts are based on sites they have visited and products they have searched when they browsed.

Social media and digital marketers should take advantage of this new development which can provide new insights and approaches to digital marketing and optimization. This new feature will surely drive more people toward digital marketing, which is definitely more affordable than the standard marketing channels of television, radio, and print.

The new Facebook feature will make the job easier for digital marketers as it provides easy access to user information and profiling which can be used for direct and more targeted marketing. This is also the reasoning why more businesses are turning to digital marketing as a more efficient tool to market their products online. In digital marketing, the key to success lies in managing data and information such as this.

In this age where social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Instagram are more widely used, this new feature can provide digital marketers with an opportunity for advantage.

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