February 2013

The market is fooling itself into certain oblivion and destruction. Gold has formed a solid base in the 1550-1700 range and any break below it will surely catapult it to the $2,000 price range. Unfortunately, those who have been a long term short against this market have lost so be wise and only trade the short term but keep a long term put option on the table. Each time there was a sign of the market going lower it suddenly went higher on hopes that are fleeting, spin doctoring and fabled crafted. I advise to bet against this market rather than to go long. Economic turmoil continues and large multinational are hiding their wealth overseas via transfer pricing schemes and off-shore legal entities. Can the USA continue to print money it does not have? The price of gold is inflating based on the fact that American money is worthless. The stock market is cashing checks that its fundamentals do not support. Do not get me wrong, the USA market and the financiers that support it are as tough and gritty as an American fighting a world war but this one has to correct about 60% of the rise since the low in 2009.

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