January 2013

USA Stock markets are looking for any glimmer of hope and as these markets rise they are climbing a “WALL OF WORRY”. Christmas sales were poor, economic results have no follow through and 2012 earnings will be a challenge to spin doctor and encourage more fools to invest. The future is not bright. Gold is forming a solid base to launch an assault that cannot be ignored as being dubbed the “index of doubt”. American Government aspirations to turn around the economy are quite strong and I admire their resolve. Band-aids do not last long on the skin especially after one has perspired or showered and the attempts made by the American Government to salvage the inevitable are quite noble but will not be enough. We will pay for our forefather’s errs and sins but the debt cleansing to be had will be well worth the suffering.

Invest in Asia and South American, Australia and Canada but leaving your money in USA or most of Europe will be foolish.

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