Life in the Faster Lane

Steven Boccone New York

In the year 1991, I was pleased to be able to surf the web and even open an online account with PCFN, a stock investing and trading securities brokerage.  The internet back then was not even 1/10th of what it is today.  One thing that does disturb me until today……the time to complete any given task has become much less and as a result the speed at which we complete our work has become faster.  However, let us not be fooled, if you can do something faster and better then you get more of it.  So, essentially we are working harder and longer since the internet came to our fingers.  So from an invention that was supposed to make us work less has actually done the opposite, but the result is still good because we can accomplish 10 times the amount of tasks we did prior to the internet.   Greed is (still) good, according to Mr. Gecko, and in this case the greed is the “accomplishment” of many tasks in a much shorter time.



7 thoughts on “Life in the Faster Lane

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