Google just made me sick and I threw up… read below… Google was the destroyer of boundaries and a leveler of the business playing field. Did not take them too long to listen to big business and learn their game. Middle class there are no winners here for you as Google is just in […]

Coney Island – Parachute Ride

Growing up on the East coast of the USA I often heard how absolutely marvelous this destination was to visit.  Unfortunately, when I grew up in the 70’s/80’s most of its 50’s luster was lost and people did not frequent it as much.  I was able to find an old 1950’s photo that I wanted to […]

Remembering on Father’s Day

Dear Dad, You were a person I really wanted to know more about but you were not accustomed to sharing.  Now that you have been dead for over 1 year I think about the time we could have shared together.    Some people build bridges and others build walls.  If only, you could have communicated […]

Surpression of your Amygdala

Emotional suppression is needed at certain times in our lives and the ability to skillfully manage it should be taught by schools and our parents.   In controlling this mental function will we be de-humanizing ourselves or actually saving ourselves from disaster and irrational thought?  But how can we de-sensitize ourselves from images or events that […]


More than half of the TARP money was used to pay back the TARP loans and still it is difficult to get a loan.  Wait a minute….when a government increases liquidity the banks are supposed to loan money (Finance 101) but that does not seem to be happening here.  There is a monumental divergence going […]