Surpression of your Amygdala

Emotional suppression is needed at certain times in our lives and the ability to skillfully manage it should be taught by schools and our parents.   In controlling this mental function will we be de-humanizing ourselves or actually saving ourselves from disaster and irrational thought?  But how can we de-sensitize ourselves from images or events that pang our conscience and our heart.  Would we become soulless if we removed this somewhat involuntary trait?    These are poignant questions but should I allow my amygdala to help answer them or use my rational thought process?

The undisturbed focused mind is a vehicle of triumph and training ourselves to achieve that state of being takes practice.  The best soldiers and sport stars are able to do this and many successful business men and women.  So why not yourself?

Find that moment of perfection in your life and repeat it over and over again.  Memorize it and you can control your destiny.

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