World Trade Center Disaster and United Airlines Flight 93


These issues are quite dear to me.    For many reasons it will forever haunt me.  Being a New Yorker, the destruction of the World Trade Center was like losing a beloved friend.   Often I repeat a thought in my mind when I think about….I wonder what where  the last words, the last memories and the overall sadness these poor victims endured in the last seconds of their life?  It is one thing to die when you are in a war but to be ruthlessly attacked without any chance for self defense is the highest indignity in life.   The Jewish Holocaust survivors are quite wise to remind the world about the slaughter of millions of Jews.   Although, 9/11 was a shorter time period and less people died, should it be any less significant in the media?   I hope more movies are made on these subjects and mankind should be reminded.  There is a quote I once read….”Remember this moment forever for it is the doom of men that they forget’,  Movie…Excalibur


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